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Pulled Pork Comments

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4 Star Rating: Recommended  Turned out well
I made this a few nights ago using a 6 2/3 pound pork butt, bone-in, in a new larger slow cooker. Cooked it until center was 195 degrees. I used Maull's again. The slow cooker was on low-medium, as was in its instructions. The meat shredded well.
dougthecook on 2020-09-28

5 Star Rating: Best  Really great taste
I made this a few nights ago with a 2 1/2 pound pork butt. I sprayed the butt using water since I was out of apple juice. The bark was very tasty. It was cooked at 240 degrees F and took about 5 1/2 hours. I used a finishing sauce for some of it, and BBQ sauce (Maull's) for the rest. My inlaws loved it.
dougthecook on 2014-10-05

I just made this last night in the oven and it turned out excellent! Using the Polder remote oven thermometer with alarm makes it easy. I do not have to wonder when it is done; set the alarm to 190 degrees and wait.
dougthecook on 2012-12-22

This Memorial Day weekend I'll be making this but use a rub before slow cooking it.
dougthecook on 2010-05-29

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