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About Us

This website is about practical, everyday cooking. I have made most recipes several times and have usually tweaked them to taste better or be easier to make. Also I try to reduce the amount of unhealthy ingredients for you in each recipe without sacrificing taste.

I believe it is better to be great at cooking a few dishes rather than be average at cooking a lot of dishes.

I have been cooking for family and friends for over 20 years. Originally, I had no interest in cooking but realized it was the only way we would enjoy a good meal (my wife teases me she will not eat her own cooking). So I began learning to cook, experiment, and cook.

Not all dishes turned out great. One time my friend John, after sampling a stir-fry, said it tasted like Lysol. Oops, way too much ginger. That recipe has been greatly modified and tested for over 15 years and is a family favorite. Another time I was ready to serve several people at a friend's house but being a bachelor, he couldn't find plates. They were in the garage - and still in the box!

After many years, it has gotten to a point where my wife prefers to stay home and enjoy a meal rather than go out. It should have been this way when we dated :)

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