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There are thousands of cookbooks but only a select few end up as timeless. We favor the ones that are instructional and not just recipes.

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This book explains where the cuts of meat come from, proper cooking techniques for each cut, storage, grading, preparation, and how to select meat. There are plenty of recipes for each; designed for the home chef.

A kitchen staple. Over 1,400 inspirations and how-tos. Reading it will improve anyone's cooking skills. Paula Deen and Sara Moulton recommend it. Readers give it the highest rating possible.

Saves time, and more important, could save a dinner.

Some books never go out of style. Winning the Julia Child cookbook award in 1995, this has become a classic in the area of roasting. Along with delectable meats, there are recipes for over 100 vegetable dishes. We have used this book many times both as a reference and a source of dinners. One of my favorites is roasted chicken.
Also included is preparing and roasting game.


On Food and Cooking is a wealth of information on all facets of cooking.


Nothing smells better than bread baking in the oven (or bread machine). After wearing out the recipes that came with my bread machine, it was time to venture out into uncharted waters.


Who doesn't like Chinese takeout? Homemade Chinese is even better! One of my favorites is Char Sui.


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