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Pickled Jalapenos

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pickled jalapeno slicesPickle your own jalapenos. It is easy to do and tastes much better than raw jalapenos. Delicious on nachos, chili, and pizza.
I grow jalapenos and have an overabundance of them. This is a great way to preserve them.
Pickled jalapenos can also be canned using the hot bath method.



Mix together salt, vinegar, and water in a microwave dish. Heat until boiling. Stir until salt is dissolved.

Add jalapenos and carrot slice. Heat until boiling then cook at 30% for 10 minutes. The jalapenos need to be covered with the liquid. Make more liquid separately if you have too many jalapenos.

Add mixture to sterile jar. Store in refrigerator. Wait two weeks until flavor develops; the jalapenos will soften. Good for two months.

Doug's Notes

Pickling salt is pure and very fine so it dissolves easily. You can use kosher or sea salt; do not use table salt. Though ok, table salt, because of its additives, will discolor the jalapenos and will not taste as fresh. Kosher salt will work but it is coarse and harder to dissolve.
I use mason jars since they are made to withstand prolonged boiling. You can purchase plastic lids for mason jars.

I have made the pickled jalapenos right in a mason jar with success.

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