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Sesame Chicken with Noodles

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Cooking Time

30 minutes





Mix cornstarch in the water. Combine rest of sauce ingredients in a bowl and stir frequently. The peanut butter will soften and mix with the water. Set aside.


Cook noodles, drain, and put in large bowl. Mix with several drops of sesame oil and cover to keep hot. I use a large plate as a cover.
Saute chicken on both sides until done (about 5 minutes per side), set aside for 4 minutes covered then thinly slice and put in bowl with noodles. (Do this while noodles are cooking)
Stir-fry carrot, scallions, and water chestnuts for a few minutes. Toss in bowl with noodles.
Add sauce to bowl and mix well. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top when serving.
Serves 4.

Doug's Notes

To toast sesame seeds: put in pan on medium heat. Stir frequently until golden brown and fragrant.
I cut the water chestnuts in half but that is optional.

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