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Mixed Rice with Cranberries

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I have always made wild rice recipes on the stove. This time, I experimented and got it working with the microwave. It is very tasty.

My inspiration was a bag of Minnesota wild rice given to us by our gracious friend Sandi.




Soak cranberries in white wine for 15 minutes. Save juice.

In microwave dish, mix rices, chicken stock, water, and saved juice. Cover.

Heat in microwave 4 minutes on high.

Heat 42 minutes on power 50% (1800 watt microwave) or 60% (1500 watt microwave).

Let sit 5 minutes before removing lid. All moisture should be soaked into rice.

Mix in cranberries, pine nuts and serve.

Doug's Notes

I add the pine nuts as optional because they are so expensive, but they are delicious.

I did not want the chicken stock to overpower the dish, so it is watered down. I use low-sodium chicken stock store-bought or my homemade version.

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