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Mashed Potatoes Recipe

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Wanted: a fluffy mashed potato recipe. Here it is.




Cut potatoes into one inch chunks. Rinse in colander.

Place potatoes in medium pot and cover by an inch with cold water.

Bring to boil then cook on medium heat until tender (easily pierced by a fork), about 15 minutes.

Heat butter and milk in small pan until melted.

Drain potatoes into colander. Rinse with hot water about 30 seconds.

Put potatoes in large bowl and mash or rice them.

Fold in milk/butter with spatula until fluffy.

Doug's Notes

The key to nice fluffy mashed potatoes is to remove starch and minimize the amount released from the potatoes. This is done by folding in milk/butter, rather than using a hand blender. Also, rinsing starch after cutting and cooking the potatoes helps.

Starting cooking in cold water ensures the potatoes cook evenly.

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