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Golden Crisp Hash Browns

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This hash browns recipe is sooo much better than store bought. The keys are to use already cooked potatoes and cook them in an iron skillet or regular pan such as a stainless steel one - nonstick pans do not brown very well.


2 large russet baking potatoes

4 TBL cooking oil


The day before, cook the baking potatoes and store them in the refrigerator.
Peel then coarse shred the baking potatoes by cutting them in half and running them on a shredder. Make sure the potatoes are at room temperature before cooking them.

On medium heat, pour 2 T of oil into 12 inch pan and wait until a wisp of smoke appears. Swirl the oil to cover the bottom. Put in hash browns and flatten until uniform thickness. Cook until darkish brown on the bottom. Slide potatoes on a large plate, pour in 2 T oil to coat bottom and put uncooked side of potatoes back in pan. Cook until golden brown.

Doug's Notes

Do not move the potatoes while they cook; they brown better. Corn oil tastes best. To save time, I usually do not peel the potatoes; but I discard the leftover peels.

If you have a lot of potatoes to peel, put the peeled ones in water so they do not turn brown from exposure to air.

I have found that rinsing the peeled potatoes makes the hash browns crisper. This process removes some of the starch.

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