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Best Fried Rice

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This is a basic fried rice recipe which tastes very good.




Scramble eggs in small pan then chop up into pea-size pieces.

Break up rice (using your fingers) into individual kernels. Rice needs to be at room temperature.
Heat oil in wok (or skillet) until drop of water in oil dissipates in a second. Swirl oil around pan to coat it. Add few drops of sesame oil.
Stir in garlic until fragrant then remove.

Add carrot, celery, water chestnuts, green onions, and ham and stir fry for 3 minutes. This gets the moisture out of them so the rice will not get soggy.
Add the rice, eggs, garlic and stir-fry 4 more minutes.
Splash mixture with a few shakes of teriyaki sauce. Mix and stir fry for 1 more minute.

Doug's Notes

This has always gone over well!
Other things I've added: 1/4 cup peas, mushrooms, sesame seeds (toasted), garlic butter.
Jasmine rice ends up pretty sticky. Basmati rice is not too bad. Regular long-grain rice works well. Use kitchen shears to cut green onions.

A long grain rice is the best. The idea is to create rice that is not sticky. I rinse the starches off the rice before I cook it which reduces stickiness.

Let the cooked rice sit overnight in the refrigerator. This step makes a big difference in reducing stickiness and makes stir-fry of the rice easier. Another tip: let the rice come to room temperature and separate it with your hands.

I have used generic white long-grain rice with success. Basmati and Jasmine rice work well but are stickier than regular long-grain.

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