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Cranberry Grand Marnier Sauce

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This sauce is an excellent side for Thanksgiving (or any other time). I have made this many times and always get kudos.



Sort through the cranberries and discard soft or spoiled ones. Rinse and drain berries.

Preheat oven to 325 F. Place cranberries in a 9 inch glass pie pan. Sprinkle sugar and orange-pineapple juice over berries. Cover tightly with foil
Place on a cookie sheet (in case mixture drips) and bake about 1 hour. Stir after 1/2 hour.
Uncover and mix in Grand Marnier. Cover and cool in refrigerator.

Doug's Notes

Instead of a pie pan covered with foil, I successfully used a covered round baking dish like this:

Round baking dish

You can bake these uncovered but there will be much less juice after it is done.

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