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Cooking White Rice

Cooking white rice is very easy and foolproof using a microwave. No more rice sticking on the bottom of the pot.


1 cup white rice (Jasmine, basmati, or generic long-grain)
2 cups bottled water (tap water is too unpredictable in taste and content)


Put white rice and water in microwaveable dish and cover. Stir to distribute the rice. Make sure dish is, at the most, half full since rice expands as it absorbs water during cooking.
Cook on high for 4 minutes then cook at 60% power for 16 minutes. Let sit for 5 minutes before removing lid.

Doug's Notes:

I've been cooking white rice like this for 15 years using several different microwaves. I do not rinse the rice before cooking since nutrients are "dusted" on the rice and would wash away. However, if you want to reduce rice stickiness, rinse the rice as this washes away starches.

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