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Cooking Brown Rice

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Cooking brown rice is very easy and foolproof using a microwave. I have had a tough time getting the rice not to stick and burn on the bottom of a pan. A rice cooker is nice but who needs another appliance? I have used this method well over one hundred times.


1 cup brown rice (long-grain)
2 1/2 cups bottled water (tap water is too unpredictable in taste and content)


2 quart microwaveable dish with glass cover


Rinse rice. I use a big strainer.
Put brown rice and water in microwaveable dish and cover. Stir to distribute the rice. Make sure dish is, at the most, half full since rice expands as it absorbs water during cooking.
Cook on high for 4 minutes then cook at 50% power for 33 minutes. Let sit for 5 minutes before removing lid.

Big Batch

Use a 2 1/2 quart or larger dish. Double the ingredients to 2 cups rice, 5 cups water. Cook 4 minutes on high, 40 minutes on 50% power. Let sit 5 minutes before removing lid.

Doug's Notes

Microwaves vary in power and, as they age, the  microwaves emitted are not as powerful as a new one. If you have a smaller (1200 watts) or weak microwave, increase to 60% power instead of 50%.

I like to have the rice soak for an hour or so in the water before cooking. This gives more consistency in cooking and reduces or eliminates slight boilover.

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