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Carne Asada Recipe

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Carne asada, or "grilled meat", is delicious.







Combine ingredients except bay leaves and cilantro into medium bowl. Whisk together. Stir in cilantro. Add bay leaves.


Put steak in bag (or covered dish) and add marinade. Put in refrigerator for 24 hours (minimum 8 hours). Turn steak over halfway through.

Take out 1 hour before cooking so it can come to room temperature.

Cook on grill (on med-high) for 5 minutes per side 160 degrees (2 minutes per side for medium rare 145 degrees). Let steak rest 5 minutes after taking off grill.

Slice against the grain into thin slices or dice it. Use by itself or on tacos, burritos, or wherever.


Doug's Notes

I have cooked it in an iron skillet. Cooking on the grill adds a charred taste.

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