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Hot and Easy Sauce

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Fermented hot sauce that is easy to make.



Wash and cut off or pull off the stems.
Grind up the peppers in a blender on slow.

Put pepper mash into a glass jar (I use a 1 quart mason jar). Pour in salt, mix, and mash down. An alternative is to mix the mash and salt in a glass or stainless steel bowl then put it in the jar. I sanitize the jar beforehand by boiling water in it for a minute or so in the microwave.
Cover with a clean towel and put the mash aside. The salt will draw water out of the peppers and eventually cover them. After a few days, if they are not covered, add salt water until covered. If the mash is exposed, it will get moldy after five days or so.

Note that Tabasco sauce ferments their mash for three years in oak barrels.

After fermentation period, strain the mash using a seive or fine-mesh strainer.
Add vinegar and put in a sterilized bottle with cap. Keep in refrigerator.

Doug's Notes

One problem I've had is the mash tends to float on the water so some is exposed to air.

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