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Eyepoke Chili Comments

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5 Star Rating: Best  Finally, a great batch of chili
I tweaked the chili by using vegetable juice (V8 or spicy V8 juice works well) instead of water and switching from jalapenos to serranoes. Also, I now cook the chili uncovered and refresh the liquid periodically. The chili turned out excellent.
dougthecook on 2014-03-10

4 Star Rating: Recommended  Another excellent batch
I made a quart of eyepoke chili last night. I used ground beef, home-grown tomatoes, home-grown red jalapenos, and homemade pinto beans. It turned out excellent. Medium spice heat. It simmered, uncovered, for 1 1/2 hours. The celery was still a bit crunchy so another hour would help. I think there should be more cumin, too (probably another 2 tsp).
dougthecook on 2013-10-01

I made this a few nights ago. I used minute steak (gift from neighbor) in lieu of chuck roast. The beans were cranberry beans (I'm out of pinto beans) and the tomatoes were crushed (from a can). The chili turned out wonderful - it was gone by the next day.
dougthecook on 2012-12-22

I made a batch of this and brought in a sampler for two friends - they loved it. It had a good bite to it.
dougthecook on 2010-03-26

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