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Making Pumpkin from Scratch

Homemade pumpkin is easy to make and well worth it when used in recipes in lieu of canned pumpkin. Pie pumpkins are found in stores around end of August through November, though most of them are harvested in October.

Look for a pumpkin that has a good orange color and no bruises or soft spots. Store the pumpkin above 50F (ideal is about 55F). Do not store in refrigerator or wrapped.


Use a pie pumpkin. They are the small version of a jack-o-lantern pumpkin; about the size of a 16 inch softball.

Wash the pumpkin.

Cut pumpkin in half (from stem to bottom). A serrated knife works the best. Remove the stem.
Clean out the seeds and stringy goop using an ice cream scoop.
Place, skin side up, in a roasting pan with 1 cup water.

Cook at 350 until tender, about 70 minutes . Cool and scoop off meaty part.
Put in blender for a few seconds to smooth it out. Drain any water by placing in a wire strainer and let sit for an hour. Stir occasionally.


Pureed pumpkin stores well, up to a year.
When puree is completely cooled, put in freezer bags and store.


Libby's has responded to the question about their use of Pumpkin on their Facebook page: "Pumpkin is a variety of squash belonging to the "Cucurbitaceae" (Cu·cur·bi·ta·ce·ae \(ˌ)kyüˌkərbəˈtāsēˌē\) or gourd family which also includes melons and cucumbers. Libby's uses 100% pumpkin in our Libby's solid pack pumpkin. We do not use Hubbard squash, or other types of squash. In fact Libby's uses a specific cultivar of pumpkin called Dickinson. The "Libby's Select" strain of Dickinson is our own, developed over decades by our own agricultural people. Dickinson pumpkins are considered "the king" of eating pumpkins."

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