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All About Kitchen Shears

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About Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shearsKitchen shears are very handy to have around the kitchen. A kitchen shear is a strong scissors made primarily for the kitchen. It has a beefed up fulcrum (pivot point) for cutting through chicken breastbones.

Eventually, like all blades, the shears will become dull with use. Some kitchen shears can be taken apart and sharpened.

It is a good idea to get a sheath for the shears so they do not cause a problem being loose in a kitchen drawer.

Do not put a kitchen shear in a dishwasher; the detergent will damage the blades and eat away the handles. Wash with very hot water and soap. Make sure all crevices and nooks are cleaned, too, as they harbor bacteria. Dry immediately with a soft towel to prevent water stain.

Kitchen Shear Uses

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