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Bread Making Problems

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Bread making problems for the bread machine, bread made by hand, or bread made in a food processor.

Tracking down bread making problems is not too difficult.

After five minutes of kneading, the dough should be soft, slightly tacky ball. If it is dry, add water, one tablespoon at a time. If wet, add flour one tablespoon at a time.

Check the dough every time you make bread. Due to a plethora of factors, dough consistency can change every time.

Breadmaker Tips

Bread is too stiff

Bread does not Rise

Bread Rises too Much

Bread does not bake completely

If the bread is gooey in the middle, try these steps:


Bread falls in the middle

The honeycomb structure of the bread is too weak and the bread collapsed.

Crust is tough

Fruits and nuts are at the bottom of the pan

There is flour on the outside of the bread

The bread is yeasty when it is baked in the oven

The crust gets all wrinkled

Bread is not browned on all sides

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